“Just Wanted To Say Thank You…”

(As a teacher, J. S. continues to receive 10% off her services at our Center)

Dear Irene,

I just wanted to say thank you for the experience I had at your Center in San Francisco today. I’ve been looking for a place to go for massage for a good, long while, and feel like I may have finally found it.

The feeling of the place was so clear and warm, and real — no pretense or fancy trimmings… it seemed easy to tell that what is valued most by you all is the healing work itself.

CC was my massage therapist, and I want to give praise to her for obvious skill and intuition, and for her genuine, present, relaxed attention. I felt like I was in such good hands with her, like she really assisted and enabled my body to heal in areas it was needing some help with. I am really grateful.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the place you have created there, and that the loving intention behind it is apparent.

Thank you,
J. S.,
San Francisco School Teacher

“After 5 Sessions of AMT…100% Better”

Ross, CA

Dear Diamond Wellness Center,

I can’t thank you enough! I’m walking now and feel great!

I’ve been lucky all these years to have never had any problems with my back.  Up until the one day when I was out in the garden, and all of a sudden felt my back go into spasm.  I could barely move, and felt as though I had seriously injured a disc or something in my low back.

Two of my buddies who also have back pain suggested I see their chiropractor.  But another friend of mine who has been going to you for years when ever he gets into “back trouble” told me to see you.

He was right!  After only 5 sessions of the Active Myofascial Therapy with you and Mike, I felt (feel) 100% better.  All my pain is gone, and as you suggested I am walking on a regular basis now and doing the series of therapeutic exercises you taught me, which really help.

Your work certainly beats getting cracked by a chiropractor, and the information on back care you gave me will help me for the life of my back!

I give you high kudos, and sing your praises to everyone I know who has back pain.

Hopefully, I will never see you again! (Professionally, that is!)


Marty Kornfeld

“Thanks Again For Helping An 85 Year Old Woman Walk!”

Dear Irene,

It is a real pleasure that I am able to thank you for helping me walk upright again.  It’s been so long since I’ve been without pain and have had to bend over to walk, that I hate to think about it.

So far what you have accomplished with your treatments is next to a miracle and I know that other patients feel the same.  I am sure they do.  Thank you again for helping an 85 year old woman walk, ride a stationary bike, and enjoy the pleasure of feeling 29.

You are indeed to be commended for your profession and even the skill you’ve brought to it.  I do hope others my age or even older find their way to you.

B.A. Stuart
San Francisco

“If Miracles Were At My Disposal…I Would Move DM&WC To Austin!”

Irene and Staff,

I play saxophone for a living and for that I am very grateful, but for 31 years I have had to hold it with a strap that hangs from my neck.  I play in a band called Duck Soup and we travel quite a bit.  I came to perform at the U.S. Open and with great luck I found the Diamond Wellness Center.  I had the most wonderful deep, but muscle relaxing, massage not to mention a soothing voice that spoke softly and made me feel confident that I was in “great hands.”  Twenty-Four hours later I was back to do the rest of my body, then I had to leave San Francisco.  If miracles were at my disposal I would move Irene and her wonderful staff, atmosphere and all to Austin, Texas where I will dream of those wonderful hands.  Thanks Irene, and we will be back for the back!


Joe Morales of Duck Soup
Austin, Texas

P.S. Our trumpeter Jason thanks you too!

“For At Least One Hour A Week I Feel Completely Relaxed…”

To Whom It May Concern:

In August 1990 I had my first massage with Irene Diamond.  My mother had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer the month before and I was experiencing a lot of grief and stress.  I had never had a massage before but decided to try it for a short-term benefit.

Irene’s professionalism and warmth helped ease the tension I felt at having a “stranger” massage my body.  I made an appointment for the following week and have been a regular weekly client of Irene’s since that time.  What I thought was going to be a short-term benefit has turned into a regular part of my health regime.  I work full time at a sedentary job.  I do aerobic exercise on a regular basis and try to stay fit.

It is hard to put into words the benefits I derive from my weekly massage, but for at least one hour a week I feel completely relaxed and afterwards I feel healthier and rejuvenated both in mind and body.

I have recommended Irene to friends and members of my family who also think she is truly a jewel!

Sandi Barsell

“We at PG&E look forward to working with you in the future.”

Dear Irene,

Thank you very much for participating in the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) 2004 Information Systems and Technology Services Safety and Health Fair.  There are no words that can express our appreciation for the time and effort you gave to make our 2004 ISTS Safety and Health Fair a success.

All of the feedback from the employees at PG&E showed that the event was eagerly anticipated and highly appreciated.  The information provided from your organization has helped to educate many employees who would otherwise not have had access to it.

Again, thank you for participating and sharing your extremely valuable time and information to help make health and safety at home and at work an important issue at PG&E.

We at PG&E look forward to working with you in the future.


Wendy Bossier
ISTS Safety Coordinator, PG&E

“I had no idea I was sitting at my desk like a pretzel!”

Dear Irene,

I had no idea I was sitting at my desk like a pretzel!  Your common-sense approach helped me take a step back and arrange my desk to suit me and the work I do—and not just the needs of the person who set up my computer.


Women’s Foundation of California Staff Member

“Thank you for being so generous with your time.”

Dear Irene,

On behalf of the San Francisco Depressive and Manic Depressive Association I would like to thank you for speaking before our organization on Wednesday evening, July 14th on the subject of “How Physical Fitness Leads to Mental Fitness.”

Your talk was most interesting and informative to our members and our guests.  We would be most pleased to have you speak before us again in the future.

Again, thank you for being so generous with your time.


Phyllis Spanglet
Programming Chair

“…You have made fitness and a new diet much easier to take.”


Since I starting running and doing the workouts, I thought it would be a drag.  After all, near the end of college training, I vowed to never run again.  But all that has changed.  It has been a total pleasure.  In spite of my aching feet, you have made fitness and a new diet much easier to take.

Even though you are a good distance away, it is worth the drive and I look forward to your great myofascial therapy massages!  Thanks!

Your Friend,

Wayne Salvatore

“The things I’ve learned from Irene have been invaluable.”

To Anyone Interested in Healing:

Irene has helped several old sports injuries heal—chronic pain that I thought would be with me the rest of my life.  A two-year old hamstring problem was resolved after just a few sessions.  A knee injury really slowed me down while training for a cross-country cycling trip, but with just one session my pain was reduced by 80%.  With Irene on my team, I can continue to be active and push my limits a bit knowing that every little ache and pain doesn’t necessarily have to be a chronic problem.

Being a pharmacist, people usually ask me what medication to take for their health problems.  For myself, I have found that soft tissue work from an experienced therapist like Irene is much more likely to help common complaints of back or neck pain than medication does.  And she is very experienced in movement therapy, so with her help you can actually discover what might be causing that nagging pain.  It takes a little work, but with her direction you can correct old movement patterns and keep the injury or pain from coming back.

The things I’ve learned from Irene have been invaluable.  I would recommend her to anyone who has pain that has been unresponsive to other therapy, including medication, or anyone whose body is reacting to stress in a negative way (headaches, neck pain, back aches, etc.).  She has been able to help or solve every single pain and puzzle I’ve given to her!

Lori Barr, RPh,
San Francisco, CA

“I give Irene my highest recommendation.”

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been involved in three collisions within the past five years, two of which were rear end collisions.  As a direct result, I experienced shoulder, neck and back pain, not to mention a limited range of motion.  I am in my personal vehicle three and half hours a day driving to and from work in Bay Area traffic conditions.  I am also a bodybuilder to trains 4 to 5 days per week.  You can imagine what this does to a body.

After treatment with chiropractors, physical therapists, bodyworkers and therapeutic massage therapists, I continued to experience pain and discomfort.  I even consulted with an orthopedic surgeon for my shoulder pain.  Then, a miracle happened and I discovered the services of Irene Diamond.  In just three months Irene has taught me the connection between life issues and natural bodily alignment, as well as how to restore the body’s natural balance from the inside out.

Irene is not just your traditional massage therapist; her technique using neuromuscular therapy produces results.  When you schedule a session with Irene, you are getting a complete package with specific exercises and stretching, not just massage.  Irene does not follow a set protocol for every client; she custom designs a program.  And yes, the client must participate and perform these exercises and stretches outside of the office.

Being a bodybuilder, I always felt like I was strong.  Irene proved to me that there are other functionally areas of strength required as a basic foundation to well being.  Through behavioral modification, I have learned to incorporate stretching into my bodybuilding training.

Irene has an extensive background in kinesiology.  She is a true professional who I would recommend to anyone from a professional athlete to someone who wants a relaxing massage.  Many people are skeptical about massage for varied reasons.  In my experience, most of which are uncomfortable because of the unknown and don’t know what to expect.  Whether it is your first massage or you are a veteran in the massage arena, Irene makes you feel really comfortable.

I give Irene my highest recommendation.

Phil Hernandiz,
Operations Manager
Ryder Integrated Logistics, INC
Fremont California

“Diamond Wellness does a great service for the community of workaholics.”

Hello All,

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all of your wonderful work and advice.  I recommend everyone highly to you when they are in need of treatment.  I have learned so much from you about my body and feel like I have the tools to avoid any reoccurring flare-ups!

I hope this finds everyone well and happy.  Diamond Wellness does a great service for the community of workaholics.  I can’t express enough how appreciative I am!

Best wishes to you all,
Jackie Adams

“The hour-long massage alleviated all the tension in my shoulders, back and neck.”

Dear Irene,

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from you at Golden Gate Fitness Center.  It was my first massage, and it was fabulous.

My back, neck, shoulders and eyes were sore and tense from studying for the bar exam.  I was having trouble sleeping because of the stress and physical discomfort.

I knew I had to do something or I will not survive the California Bar exam, so I signed up for a massage with you.  It turned out to be a great preparation for the bar exam.  The hour-long massage alleviated all the tension in my shoulders, back and neck.  It also took away much of the stress and anxiety.  I slept for hours and was well rested all through the three day exam.

This is unprecedented because I always had trouble sleeping before exams.  I credit my good night sleep to you.  Thank you for helping me relax.  Now let’s hope I pass the bar exam.

Truly Yours,

Tip Phabmixay
San Francisco

“A very, very special thanks once again for my incredible massage…”

Dear Irene-

A very, very special thanks once again for my incredible massage on my wedding day.  Ask anyone; I was downright relaxed right up to the big moment.  I am now recommending you to all of my bride friends for some sure thing relaxation.  Michael also loved his massage.  It was absolutely perfect and exactly what we needed to feel “prepared.”

Lots of Love,

Elizabeth Kramer
New Bride

“I feel you have done a world of good for me…”

Dear Irene,

It was so nice to see you again and to have you work on me.

I mentioned to my two neurosurgeons and two orthopedic surgeons that your hands on therapy and exercise sessions have done me more good and given me more relief than anything else they had prescribed over the past four years.

Since my automobile accident, my head and neck motion have been greatly restricted.  As you know, I improved by working with you weekly over a three-month period last year and seeing you again this year.  My biggest complaint is that you are here, and I live in Florida.  I feel you have done a world of good for me and I will continue the exercises you have prescribed for me.

Thank you again, keep well and I hope to see you again soon


Jo Williams

“The quality of my life has improved…”

Dear Ms. Diamond and The Staff of Diamond Wellness Center,

I want to express my appreciation for the remarkable difference my treatment at your wellness center has made.  Mike and Krista have worked hard to reduce my constant pain and heal my injuries. The quality of my life has improved and I am able to participate in my activities.

Donna Levey

“You have won a physical battle over the spasms, which three months of chiropractics never relieved.”


I am forever grateful for the relief from muscle aches, pains and especially spasms, which were a constant occurrence.  You have won a physical battle over the spasms, which three months of chiropractics never relieved.  You have achieved this in six sessions and for much less than what other therapists cost.  I also appreciate the care you have given my family.  I am a believer!

Nanci Bradshaw
Senior Accounting Clerk

“…You’ve just discovered a real gem.”

To Whom It May Concern:

If you’re considering working with Irene Diamond in any of the fitness fields, I’d like to let you know you’ve just discovered a real gem (no pun intended!).  I studied aerobics and other aspects of physical training with Irene for three years, and her expertise and congenial attitude guided me from my state of being purely sedentary to one of being committed to a regular routine of physical fitness.  I’m proud to say that participating in some form of workout is now part of my daily regimen, and I owe it all to Irene.

What is particularly gratifying about having studied with Irene is that I know that the foundation of my training is grounded in proper technique, and an awareness of physiology, and muscular and skeletal movement.  She’s taught me the proper mechanics to minimize injury and maximize physical benefits.

Beyond these important fundamental aspects, Irene is a pleasure to be with.  Her positive attitude and ability to educate in a manner that’s easy to absorb and retain make her a superb teacher.  She knows her subject thoroughly, and seems to have a real commitment to passing the joy of movement and fitness along to others.

It goes without saying that I recommend Irene very highly.  My work with her helped me turn a corner in my life, and I know that you’d have to search long and hard to find another of her caliber.

Best Regards,

Sherill Rohde
Booking Administrator
Bill Graham Presents
San Francisco

“Thanks to Irene,I can concentrate on my work and not be worried about my back….”

I spend all day hunched over a computer since I work in IT and my back
is a mess! A friend recommended Irene Diamond. She started by doing an
evaluation and within three sessions she was able to help me get rid of
my back pain! But more importantly – she taught me ergonomics for my
computer set up and how to have better posture so hopefully my back
pain won’t come back..Thanks to Irene,I can concentrate on my work and not be worried about my back….

Shah Rutvik, Computer Consultant

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