Relaxation & Tension Relief Therapy

Diamond Wellness Center-MassageFor Relaxation & Tension Relief Therapy in the Marina District of San Francisco.

We are known for our ‘serious massage’, rather than ‘fluffy massage’.

We provide a combination of Massage Therapy, and other relaxation services.

Our unique approach is that we have three ‘levels’ of hand-picked massage therapists to choose from, to be sure you get the best fit for your needs (based on your budget and therapy goals).

Through a complimentary brief, personalized consultation over the phone prior to booking your appointment, we help you decide what Level of Therapist would be best for what you are looking for.

We offer single-session rates and also have The Diamond Club, an invitation-only massage & therapy membership program.

Diamond Club members can receive up to 12 hours of massage each month, plus other HUGE benefits and BIG savings.

Please request an invitation to The Diamond Club here


What are your therapy goals?

Choose your ‘Level’ of the therapist
based on their experience and training.


Level I – “Apprentice” Therapists:

Apprentice massage therapists are newer to the profession and are either finishing training school or are newly graduated.

Apprentice sessions focus on de-stressing and relaxation, and relief of muscular tension. (As part of the therapist’s training, we may ask you to take a few minutes after your massage to complete a quick written evaluation form.)

Level I – Single Session Member Rates

$25 – $67 / 55 minutes

$92 / 85 minutes

Level I – Single Session non-member Rates

$55 – $87 / 55 minutes

$112 / 85 minutes

Please note: Due to the fact Level I therapists are still perfecting their craft ~ We absolutely DO NOT recommend these beginner therapists if your goal is more than relaxation of tight muscles and reduction of stress.


Level II:

These therapists have a higher level of skill and experience, and offer a variety of corrective-based massage styles along with fantastic relaxational massage styles.

You just tell them what you want and they will make it happen!
Perfect for you if you have every-day aches, pain, and stress.

Level II Single Session member Rates

$49 / 30 minutes

$87  / 55 minutes

$131  / 85 minutes

Level II Single Session Non-member Rates

$59 / 30 minutes

$107  / 55 minutes

$151  / 85 minutes

Level III:

Our Level III Massage Therapists have much more advanced training and experience, and have accomplished a high level of competency.

These are the people to see if you have a more complicated physical history or a therapy goal that require a higher level of professional competency and skill.

OR if you simply prefer to choose the best!

These superb therapists offer a wider variety of styles and can address your simple to more complex issues or needs.


Level III Single Session member Rates

$54 / 30 minutes

$97 / 55 minutes

$146 / 85 minutes

Level III Single Session Non-Member Rates

$64 / 30 minutes

$117 / 55 minutes

$166 / 85 minutes

Your Choice of Styles of Massage

Basic Swedish (Relaxation) Massage

Stress reducing and relaxing, this traditional massage focuses on your entire back, neck, limbs, hands, face, head and feet. It will renew your feeling of tranquility and revitalize your sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Massage (Sporting Event Prep, Post-Event Soreness Relief)

Designed to relieve tension, get rid of painful, tight, knotty areas, re-align scar tissue. It can also help rehabilitate injuries in ligaments, tendons and muscles. Deep Tissue/Sports Massage utilizes a combination of massage techniques such as acupressure, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy. You and your therapist determine how to combine these techniques based on your unique needs and condition.

Sports Massage is excellent as a “training massage” in between sporting events to help prevent injuries and to correct any problems before they get worse, and allow you to train harder. Pre & Post-event Sports Massage will speed your recovery time and increase the flexibility of your muscles and joints.
click here for therapy for Injuries & pain.


Seated Chair Massage (Quick Fix, Treatment For Specific Areas of Soreness)

When your time is limited or you don’t want to undress, seated ‘chair’ massage is for you. The session is done with you sitting in a specially designed chair which allows the therapist to reach your back, shoulders and neck. Other areas of your body can also be worked depending on the length of session you reserve.
You stay clothed so no wasted time, no greasy lotion, and you can easily get back to your day.
(See our description of On-Site Chair or Table Massage for your Party or Corporate Event)


“Tune-Up, Fix-it” Sessions

If you have one area or spot that needs “fixing,” come in for a “Tune-Up/Fix-It Session.”  Usually done clothed, the focus is on reducing pain, and breaking spasms in one specific area of your body.
$15 – $37 / 15-20 minutes (based on practitioner providing service — call for details)

Corrective / Pain Relief Sessions

When your condition or needs are focused on relieving or rehabbing a specific injury, post-surgery, or condition please contact us to discuss if you will be better served by seeing a Rehabilitation expert rather than a massage therapist.


No Greasy Mess:

Therapists use lotion or cream, not oil ~ so you don’t feel like a greased pig when you’re finished.

If you prefer, your therapist can use no lotion at all, and either just work through the sheet, your loose-fitting clothes, or talc may be offered instead of lotion.


“More Pain = Better Results?” We Believe It Should NEVER Hurt! Some therapists believe, “The More Pain the Better!” We don’t believe this to be true — nor effective!


Your therapist knows the correct way to get in deep and release spasms, aches and knots without causing you MORE PAIN by going too deep!

At Diamond Wellness Center, your therapist understands there are times to apply very firm pressure.
We say, “It should be a Good Hurt”, that means applying enough pressure to do what needs to be done without causing you to tighten up and experience more pain!

Always be sure to communicate with your therapists, since every body is different. At Diamond we developed a “Rate of Perceived Comfort Scale” scale. This is “RPC” scale is a 0 -10 scale, where a ‘0’ is no pain and complete comfort, and a ’10’ is absolutely too uncomfortable.

The level for therapeutic deep tissue work (your “Good Hurt”) should stay around a 7-8 out of 10.

We are happy to explain and demonstrate how we provide a deep, yet pain-free effective pressure to relieve your tension and satisfy your need for ‘deep-tissue’.



Soothing “Diamond Hot Packs”:

Studies have shown that moist heat applied to tight, achy muscles helps to soften the area and increase blood flow to the area.  Incorporate ‘Diamond Hot Packs’ into your session, at no additional cost. Enhance your experience, provide more therapeutic benefits and allow your muscles and fascia (the connective tissue) to soften so your therapist can easily get into your tight tissue with less pain, and better results!

$20/ hour session  (Included at no cost for Diamond Club members)

Topical Creams:

Incorporate our signature topical analgesic creams of Hot Stuff and Anti-flamme into your session to aid in enhancing your therapeutic results.

$5 (Included at no cost for Diamond Club members)

Aroma Therapy:

Your sense of smell is the strongest of all our five senses. To enhance your Rest & Relaxation ask your therapist to add Aroma Therapy to your massage.

Choose from organic Lavender or Honey Almond to calm you, or if you’re going back to work or out on the town try Grapefruit Mandarin or Lime Mint for a more invigorating session.

$5  (Included at no cost for Diamond Club members)


Our Professional Hour:

Sessions booked for an hour or longer will end 5 minutes prior to allow you to get dressed leisurely.  (Rates shown reflect our 55 or 85 minute professional hour.)


Your Location or Ours:

We often provide off-site massage in private homes, hotels, offices, and at private parties and special events. Details here.

DWC accepts new clients & patients by referral and request only.
Would you like to be invited to become a client?

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